Zumtobel Annual Report
Zumtobel is a lighting manufacturer based in Dornbirn, Austria. Inspired by light and shadow, we designed Zumtobel’s 2017/18 annual report. We created a visual language synthesizing typography play with gradients. Each chapter possesses unique covers of Zumtobel Group subsidiaries. Annual reports are further arrayed with 20 prints exhibiting typographic phrases. The report comes in the standard and limited editions. The standard has the report sandwiched between two cover boards while the latter is specially equipped in a box. Each edition is wrapped by bands that form the letter “Z”.​​​​​​​

Creative Direction / Copywriting: Jessica Walsh; Book Design: Shy Inbar, Heejae Kim; Production: Erica Grubman, Heejae Kim; Print Design: Heejae Kim, Shy Inbar, Daniel Brokstad, Stefan Hurlemann, Juan Carlos, Lina Forsgreen, Anthony Velen, Cory Say, Fatih Hardal; Animation: Yaya Xu, Antony Velen​​​​​​​

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