Brand Identity for Israel Festival Jerusalem 2017
The visual identity of The Israel Festival 2017  is inspired by Big Data, a term which refers to a database that includes distributed data, which is not organized by any method, and which comes from many sources, in large quantities, in different formats and in varying quality. The visual language is based on two simple elements: dots and lines, creating a rich intriguing graphic world.

The Festival takes place annually in the spring, presenting outstanding theatre performances, contemporary dance, classical music and performance from around the world, along with ground breaking Israeli works and open to the public street performances.

Attended by over 35,000 people the Israel Festival is one of the city’s most important cultural assets, vital to a modern, dynamic and pluralistic Jerusalem, empowering community, advancing education, and contributing to the economy and to tourism by positioning Jerusalem as a national and international cultural destination. Hosting leading artists from around the world and engaging emerging and established Israeli artists, the Israel Festival provides an important platform for inter-cultural encounter and dialogue.
Creative Direction / Design: Koby Levy and Shy Inbar; The League

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